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Kinda wish

I had someone to rub my neck and shoulders right now. And bring me hot chocolate, the hunger games, popcorn from movie theater sprinkled with white cheddar! And some skeeb…now that would be a man. Hahah too bad they all pretty much suck. Oh yeah and an awesome video game to play..:)

I just found the exact product of what i need…But it costs $178 to get it


Someone bring me mcdonalds breakfast, Please!

I can’t leave the house yet, Bane is still sleeping. I am so hungry and want Mcdonalds breakfast so bad for some reason…Gahhhhhh

Ok, so this is just crazy, im going crazy reading about this.

If i could some how come up with 7,500 or more lol I could get killed in the sequal. NOW that is intense. What a dream come true for any horror fans! They only have 8 spots and 6 people already have donated that much….WOahhhh, how amazing. FRICK

That skirt….

That i just posted, someone be a dear and buy that for me! I’ll love you forever!