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My internet is back…Oh how i missed you Tumblr.

Home relaxin

Home relaxin

Black ops until i can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

This is the perfect day to stay in bed and lay around watching movies with a cute guy. Except there is no cute guy to have in bed with me. Looks like it will be me, my bed, BUFFALO WILD WINGS, smart water and the skeeb. I guess i don’t mind this though.

Trying to go to sleep, but Tumblr you are keeping me up!

Trying to go to sleep, but Tumblr you are keeping me up!

Im loving all these anonymous questions…Keep them coming!

I need a cuddle friend.

I guess ill finally watch The Avengers…

Even if i haven’t seen any of the other movies like Iron Man, or the hulk or any of the other people. LOL

Im honestly so happy right now playing with my son and listening to The Lyndsay Diaries.
I want a guy

That can make me laugh. I miss laughing hard and laughing at dumb things. Guys that aren’t funny aren’t cool haha

It actually hurts

How much I miss having someone to do things with,to laugh with, to be myself with.

I hate when you did something funny, but you have no one to tell what you did….

Or even better, be there to see the funny thing happen.

Renaissance festival today

Been waiting all year for this!

Black ops, skeeb, Rocket to the moon, mountain dew and my couch

Ill be doing this for the next few hours, then moving onto something else ha